Barriers to exit

It’s not uncommon for someone to start something because of the low barrier to entry but this usually means there is also a low barrier to exit as well.

Anyone can start a blog. The costs are minimal (for one such as it costs approximately $10 a year for the domain and then a minimal cost for hosting or, if you want to do it even cheaper you can go to and use their domain and their hosting) and the only thing it takes is a bit of time for writing. Because of the low cost to start a blog, there are thousands (millions?) of blogs out there that were started with good intentions and quickly abandoned.

The reason these blogs are quickly abandoned is the owners didn’t have any “investment” in the process so the reason they were able to start the blog easily and cheaply is the reason they were able to walk away from it so easily as well.

If you don’t make the commitment (and frequently the sacrifice) in the beginning, it makes it extremely easy to walk away when things don’t go as planned right away.

Sometimes it’s better to have to overcome a barrier to entry in order to give you the motivation to continue when adversity first sets in.

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