What if we could start over?

If you could start over again, what would you do different?

If you are a realtor, if you were starting over, would you take a different approach to selling houses or to finding clients? Would you specialize in a different type of real estate (commercial as opposed to residential)? Would you market in a different way?

If you are a business owner, would you run your business differently if you were starting from scratch? Would you be in a different business?

If you are a coach, would you manage your team differently? Would you be a coach if you had to start over?

If you are an attorney would you approach your clients in a different manner? Would you practice a different type of law?

Are you doing things a certain way simply because that is the way you have always done them?

If you were to start over again and would do things differently, would it make sense to see if you can do things differently even though you might not be able to start over again?

How often do you review your procedures to make sure they make sense and are up to date as opposed to simply reviewing the procedures to make sure they are being followed regardless of whether they make sense anymore?

I believe everyone should review EVERYTHING they do on a regular basis and keep doing what works and what makes sense and get rid of procedures and policies that aren’t working or don’t work but that you have been doing just because you always have?

If you would do things differently if you could start over again, see if you can change the way you do things even if you can’t start over again

Have a great day!

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