See what is and not what was

Too often we see what we expect to see and not what is actually happening and this “vision” is clouded by our memories.

In athletics we see it all the time when someone was a star as a 10 year old but as they grow older and others catch up to them, we still think of them as a star even though the reality is others have caught up and frequently surpassed them. Even though the player is getting beat on a regular basis, the coach still remembers them as the player who dominated when they were younger and isn’t able to look objectively because of their performance when they were younger. A new coach comes in and looks at things with an open mind and might wonder why that player was ever on the field. This happens in professional sports as a player gets older and might have lost a step or two. We want to see them do what they used to be able to do but they can’t do it that way anymore so while their performance has gone down, we sometimes still think they are doing the same thing as they used to do because that is what we want to see.

When evaluating people or situations, do everything you can do to look objectively at what is currently happening and not what you want to happen or what used to happen.

This might mean bringing in someone from outside your organization to take this objective look.

Make sure you are seeing what is actually happening and not what you remember used to happen

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