When people see a well run event, they frequently think how easy it is to put on such a thing. The organizer usually seems calm, things are going smoothly and people think “I can do this”.

On the other hand, when people see an organizer running around barking orders, seeming to do ten things at once, they think “wow, that person is really working hard, they deserve whatever they are getting for running this”.

The reality is, the person whose event is running smoothly and remains calm probably put in tens, or hundreds or thousands of hours prior to the event to make sure things run that way while the person running around during the event, didn’t prepare as well prior to the event.

A friend of mine runs tournaments for a living. She is extremely organized, professional and the events she runs are generally good experiences for the participants and good fundraisers for the non profit organization she works for. Inevitably, people complain, after the fact, because they feel she is over compensated and the tournaments could be run as effectively, or more effectively by volunteers which would result in more funds for the organization. The reason they think this is they see the 2-4 days worth or work she does during the event and don’t see the hundreds of hours she does in advance to make sure everything is planned for in advance. They see the big sponsors for the tournaments but don’t remember that these sponsors weren’t involved before she got involved. The sad thing is, if she were less organized, which would result in worse experience for the participants, people might respect her work more because they would see her running around during the event, giving the appearance of doing more. Instead, she does most of these things in advance and people don’t see, or appreciate the preparation.

When I see a convention or seminar that is well run, I look at the people running the event and realize that what I see is usually just the tip of the iceberg of what it really took to get that event organized and run properly. Too many people look to find the faults rather than looking to see how well run everything is. No one can anticipate everything that might happen during an event and they can’t even plan for everything they do anticipate but the people who plan well will run a better event than the person who doesn’t plan as well but might give the impression of doing more during the event.

It is better to panic before the event and remain calm during the event than to be calm prior to the event and panic during.

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