Poverty is a wonderful motivator

Have you ever wondered why so many successful athletes come from poor areas? Is it because poor areas have better athletes than wealthy areas?

The reality is, it’s not because poor areas have better athletes than wealthy areas but rather, people from poor areas have less options than those from wealthy areas (at the very least, they have less good options).

The person from a wealthy family might start off playing basketball but if things don’t go well, they easily change to tennis, baseball, golf, soccer etc. If the next sport doesn’t work out right away, they can switch to yet another sport (or another activity).

The person from the poor family most likely doesn’t have the option to try golf, or tennis etc so if they want to be successful, they must stick to what is available and work harder.

Who is going to be more successful at a sport (or at anything), the person who bounces from activity to activity until they find the one that is easiest for them or the one who works to overcome the obstacles?

If it seems that this post contradicts the previous post about it being acceptable to quit, it really doesn’t. The key is, narrow the options down to what you can be successful at, and then stick to it in order to overcome whatever obstacles might come in your way.

Success requires determination and frequently, having too many options available to us, takes away the need for this determination.

While this is true in athletics, it’s also true in business and in life!

Have a great day!


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