Get the facts

There is a tendency to see a situation and to react without knowing what caused the situation in the first place. It’s a difficult issue because you don’t want to over analyze a situation which can result in analysis paralysis but on the other hand, reacting without knowing the facts can cause for some difficulties as well.

An example would be if you hear an employee who is dealing with a client somewhat abruptly. You hear the client ask a question and the employee gives a one or two word answer. You might be inclined to step in and explain things in greater detail or pull the employee to the side and chastise them for not giving greater details. However, the facts you might not know is the client might have explained they were in a hurry and just needed basic information. Or, while you step in and chastise the employee, you might find out that just 10 minutes earlier, they lost a loved one and are in shock. In that case, rather than chastising the employee, it would be better to relieve them of what they are doing and allow them to take care of what they need to do and you, or someone else, can work with the client.

Too often, people jump to conclusions without getting the facts and it results in an uncomfortable situation for them, and others around them

When in doubt, get the facts!

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