Does the name matter?

When you hear or read something, what is more important to you, the message or the messenger?

Pepsi made great strides a number of years ago with their “blind taste tests” to determine which tasted better Pepsi or Coke. The question to think about is do you do “blind tests” on information or do you (and should you) be influenced by the name of the person providing the information?

For those of you who watch “American Idol” do you think some of the big name performers who sell millions of CD’s and fill up large stadiums would go far on a show like that if the judges (and the voters) didn’t know who they were? Would Bruce Springsteen be told he was “too pitchy” and wouldn’t make it as a performer on a cruise ship?

Around 10 years ago I started the website Over the next 8 years it grew to over 1300 pages and I was sending out over 120,000 email newsletters a week with soccer coaching information. At no point did I ever put anything on that web site such as an “About Us” page or any information on my background. I did this intentionally because I wanted people to judge the site on the content and not the author. There were professional coaches subscribed to the newsletters, national team coaches and thousands of coaches of youth. Should they have asked ‘who is this person and why should we believe him” or were they correct in not worrying about the messenger and only worrying about the message?

Have you ever read something, or heard something that didn’t make any sense to you at all but then when you heard who said it, your opinion changed dramatically?

I do believe that people earn respect based on their history and experience but do we give too much respect to some people and therefore believe their message even though it doesn’t make sense simply because of who the messenger is?

When you receive information in the future, do some “blind tests” to determine the message makes sense as opposed to making a judgement solely on the name of the messenger

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