Do something important

Some people work very hard to become expert at certain things but it’s important to realize that just because you do something well, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s important.

If you are a soccer player, you might be a great keeper and that is important. You might be a proficient goal scorer and that is important. You might be the best on the team at lining the cones up to make a straight line and while it’s wonderful you take pride in doing something well, that doesn’t mean it’s something that is terribly important.

If you are going to take the time to do something well, you might as well make sure what you do well is important. If it’s not important, at least make sure it’s something you enjoy but don’t mistake the fact you do something well with meaning it is automatically important.

Some people enjoy doing things that are a bit different and there is nothing wrong with that but in a work environment, spend you time doing things that are important as opposed to doing things just because you do them well. It will make you much more effective

Have a great day!


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