Plan then Act then Evaluate

One of the things people are regularly being encouraged to do is “take action”.

While there is no doubt that some people have to step and up and, as NIKE would say ‘Just Do It!’, to be successful, it takes much more than this.

Before ‘taking action’, you would want to plan. Those who plan before taking action (without over planning which can result in analysis paralysis) are most likely going to be more successful than those who simply take action.

The next step after planning and then taking action is to evaluate. The evaluation stage allows you to learn from what you have done, whether it’s how to repeat and build upon what you have done well or to correct what didn’t work. If you do not incorporate the evaluation stage, you will not grow since you will not be learning from previous experiences.

The people who use all three phases frequently do it in a linear way:

Plan then Act then Evaluate.

However, it’s important to think of this as more of a circular process where you:

Plan then Act then Evaluate then Plan then Act then Evaluate etc

Your planning should be based on previous evaluation so this is a constantly evolving process rather than simply a linear one.

Learn from previous actions, plan to improve on future actions and continue to grow as a person!

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