No Experience Necessary

One of the biggest complaints young people have when they are applying for a job is the job description says “experience necessary” but how can they get experience if no one will give them their first chance.

The real question shouldn’t be whether the employer should be willing to change their rules to give someone a first chance but rather, whether experience is a good thing all the time.

If I need a doctor to operate on me, there is no doubt I want one with good experience. However, if I’m hiring a front desk clerk for a hotel, or a server at a restaurant, I’m thinking there are many other qualities that are much more important than experience.

Do they have a good personality? Do they have the intellect to do the job?

There are various types of assessments that can be done (emotional assessments etc) but my preference is to meet the person and see whether they seem like a good fit. You can still check references and job histories but keep in mind, companies are quite reluctant to say anything other than to confirm someone worked there and the time period.

Rather than trying to find a person with the experience from a similar job, wouldn’t it make more sense to find someone with the ability to do the job and then provide them with the proper training.

It’s important to remember that if a person has experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good experience. Experience usually simply means they already have habits so while you wont have to help them develop these habits, you might have to break them of their bad habits and help them develop good ones.

Successful organizations provide training for their employees. For some people that would be retraining and for others it would be initial training. Given a preference, I would rather have an employee with a great upside yet limited experience who could be trained properly as opposed to someone whose sole qualifications is that they have experience with no guarantee the experience is good experience.

Providing proper training can be much more valuable than finding someone with experience. However, it does require being able to provide training for your employees. The obvious question is, if you can’t provide proper training for your employees, should you be hiring in the first place?

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