ME vs I vs We

When dealing with a group, there are three types of people.

* Me
* I
* We

The “me” person doesn’t care about the group at all. All they care about is “me”. If they are on a soccer team and they score 2 goals and the team loses 3-2, they are alright with that result because they scored their goals so they will get the recognition they believe they so rightly deserve (at least in their mind). If they are part of a business group preparing for a presentation, if they get their part of the presentation done, they are satisfied because they did their job.

The “I” person cares about the group but takes on so much responsibility that it’s too the detriment of the group. This person works long hours trying to finish the entire presentation because they truly believe it’s in the groups best interest for them to do alone. In basketball, while the “me” person is happy scoring 20 points an losing, the “I” person wants to take the last shot of the game, not for the recognition but because they think it’s the best chance for the team (regardless of the possibility someone might be wide open under the basket).

The “we” person realizes that the group can accomplish more working together than any individual can working apart. Using the basketball example, the “we” player might have the ball near the end of the game but he will draw two defenders and then pass the ball to the open teammate for the game winning shot.

The “me” player thinks “it’s all about me”. The “I” player thinks “I will do it for the team” and the “we” player thinks “we can do it together”/

Are you a “me”, “I, or a “we” person?

Have a great day!


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