Learn, then Do, then Teach

Sharing is a great way to help others as well as helping yourself.

The progression to follow is actually quite simple, learn then do, then teach.

First a person would learn how to do something (sometimes by trial and error and other times through more formal education) and then, once they learn how to do it, they proceed to do it. This could be a case of a soccer player having been taught by a coach to how to shoot or it could be an HR employee learning how to process applications.

The next step is for them to apply what they have learned. Examples would be the soccer player shooting when the opportunity arises in a game or the HR person processing applications.

Unfortunately, this is as far as many organizations ever go.

The next step is to share this knowledge with others. In this case, sharing would be teaching someone else how to shoot or what to do as applications arrive.

Not only does this type of sharing/teaching help others but it’s also is a great way for the new teacher to get a better understanding of the process. A month ago, I was representing a company in a meeting where an organization was making a presentation regarding the services they offered. Rather than having the VP make the whole presentation, they had part of the presentation done by a relatively new employee who was making his first presentation. While he did an excellent job with his presentation, a more experienced person might have been more polished. However, this was part of his education process and will help make him a better employee. For a soccer player who has learned how to shoot and is able to shoot in a game, the next step might be to help coach younger players on shooting. Not only does this help the younger players (the sharing) but it also will make the older player think more about the technique which will eventually make them a better player.

Create opportunities to learn, then do, then teach and you are others will continue to grow

Have a great day!


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