Whenever a group gets together (whether it’s for a business meeting, conference call, team training etc) there needs to be a plan for what will be accomplished during the allotted time. Without this plan, most of what gets accomplished is the wasting of time.

While many people know there should be an agenda for meetings, that doesn’t mean they take the time to create them.

When creating an agenda, start with the general goal. This is so everyone know what is hoped to be accomplished. If people don’t what is is to be accomplished, chances are they will create their own agenda, which might be much different than was originally intended.

Next, list the participants. If there is a set group this wouldn’t be needed but anytime there is someone different (guest speaker, guest coach etc) it’s good to let people know ahead of time.

Next list the tasks you hope to get through in the order you wish to deal with them

Next, allocate the amount of time for each task,

Finally, include the end time for the agenda.

By creating the agenda ahead of time, it allows all involved to know what to expect and how to prepare.

By sending the agenda to people in advance, it gives the people proper time to prepare which will allow for less wasted time to be spent as a group.

While many would see how this applies to a business meeting, couldn’t this actually apply to most non-social gatherings? If you are a volleyball coach and you posted the agenda for the upcoming training session in the team locker room, wouldn’t this allow the players to mentally and physically prepare for what they are going to be doing? If you are going to have a conference call, wouldn’t this apply just as much as a physical meeting?

Preparing an agenda both saves time and allows you to use your time more efficiently

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