You work there?

Have you ever really looked at your work area and wondered if it was set up to work efficiently?

Are you regularly looking for papers that are in a stack…somewhere?

Do you frequently print from your computer and then have to walk across the room (or into another room) to get the printout?

Is your computer set up to make it as easy as possible to get work done?

If you have meetings in your office, do you have it set up so you don’t have a desk separating you from your visitors?

Do you have the materials you regularly use located in a convenient location so they are readily accessible?

Do you have a chair that allows you to be comfortable yet productive while working?

Is your office personalized in a way to make you feel “at home”?

When someone walks into your office do they ask “you work there?”

Why not make the most of your work time by organizing your work space?

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