Small Town vs Big City

A question I get asked frequently when people hear I live in Charleston West Virginia is “why do you live there?”. The reason this gets asked so much is I have lived most of my life in big cities so now living in a small town (and while people here in Charleston might argue that as the capitol of the state we are more than a small town, in relative terms, I would disagree) must be difficult. Their logic is there are so many more things to do in cities such as Washington DC and Atlanta GA than in a place such as Charleston WV.

While it’s true there are more opportunities in a large city, the reality is there are plenty of things to do wherever you might be located. Whether there is one concert you might be interested in attending or ten concerts in an area, you most likely would only attend one so it doesn’t matter. A person could complain about there not being much to do or they can go out and experience the many things they can do (see for more on controlling the controllable)

Personally, I have found that I do many more things downtown here in Charleston than I did in any of the big cities I lived in. It’s not that there are more things to do here but rather, it’s easier to find them, they are more inviting and more enjoyable.

The purpose of this post isn’t to sell people on Charleston WV (although I truly am a big fan and if you want to see some reasons why, check out the various links at but rather to show there are many things to do regardless of where you are located. It’s so easy to find fault with where you are located but there are true treasures to be found (whether historically, culturally or otherwise) anywhere you might be located.

Live in a big city, live in a small town, live somewhere in between but wherever you live, experience everything it has to offer.

The alternative is to complain about where you are, wish you were somewhere else and be unhappy

You choose!

Have a great day


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