Passion vs Profession

How often do you see someone going through the motions which makes it very apparent they don’t care what they are doing?

For example, you ask a person at a store where a product is located. Do they point off in the distance and say “Aisle 14” or do they walk with you to aisle 14 and show you exactly where the item is located and then check to see if they can help you with anything else? Does the person who walks with the customer to make sure they know where the product is located necessarily love their job? No. But, it usually means someone in the organization is passionate about what they do and they have transferred some of this to others.

When you speak, do you speak with emotion in your voice or does it sound like you don’t care about the subject? Does your voice say something completely different than your words? When speaking with one person, I tend to speak very softly and in a somewhat monotone voice. However, when I do public speaking (on subjects such as traits for success, leadership and Internet Safety for kids), I am much louder, much more animated and much more inflective. The reason for this is it’s important for people to understand that when I’m speaking on these subjects, it’s not because it’s my job but rather, it’s because it’s something that I care a great deal about. When you speak to a group, do your words say one thing and your voice say something very different? If so, does this create some doubt to these people whether you are talking about something you care about as opposed to something you are supposed to talk about?

When I use the words passion vs profession, I don’t mean to imply it’s an either/or scenario. Ideally, you would be passionate about your work. Even better is to get paid for doing something you care a great deal about.

Keep in mind, when you truly care about what you are doing, it’s quite apparent to all around you. Likewise, when you don’t care about what you are doing, that is also quite apparent to others. Rather than fake the passion, find something you truly enjoy doing and that is the first step toward success.

Going through the motions can sometimes speak louder than any words that are spoken. Do what you are passionate about and that will transfer to those around you.

Have a great day!


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