One of the biggest frustrations with computers is they are capable of so much while at the same time, so vastly underutilized.

This could be because the computer runs too slow or the software is misunderstood or many other factors,

To help people utilize technology a bit better, my company (www.WebBreez.com) has decided to start creating tutorials to guide people through various functions

To start we have four tutorials available

How to delete your temporary files and defragment your hard drive
How to use Excel
How to use Mail Merge in Word
How to create mailing labels in Word

If you would like to download these tutorials you can do so at http://lawrencefine.com/tutorials.html. There is absolutely no cost for these tutorials and you may share them with anyone you want provided you give credit to WebBreez.com for their creation

It’s our intention to keep adding more tutorials as time permits. If there are any specific tutorials you would like to see created, please let me know by using the form at http://lawrencefine.com/contact.php. The two requirements for us to create a tutorial is access to the software and also a belief there is a general need for the tutorial (as opposed to just one person)

Hope this helps!

Have a great day!


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