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Deal in Transformational change. No one ever became a hero by perpetuating the status quo

Adopt the highest level of values and are committed to these values even in the face of adversity

Overcome a number of substantial obstacles that threaten their ability to create the desired changes

Deal effectively with uncertainty. At most times during the hero’s journey, success is in doubt

Rarely work alone. Achievement of the desired goals usually requires the hero to enlist the assistance of others

Are Values Driven. The hero influences others through the strength of his or her ideas. In most cases, the hero is more driven by a sense of purpose than opportunity

Are persistent even in the face of skepticism

Think differently. They are marked differences in the way the hero thinks and what is considered convention wisdom

Create a different sense of order. Challenging the present system in order to create a system that is consistent with the hero’s purpose is central to the hero’s actions

Are internally driven and seem relatively unaffected by external rewards, threats or punishments

Are you a hero?


3 Replies to “Heroes”

  1. There are six frogs on a lilly pad…..All six make the decision to jump off the lilly pad into the water.

    How many frogs are left on the lilly pad?

    The answer….ALL six!

    Just making the decision to do something does not mean you take the ACTION to do it. To effectively make a change in your life takes not just interest, which is the convenient thing to do, but instead takes commitment, which is changing your thought process to attain your success.

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