The future

People like to predict the future. Some like to complain about the future.

Others like to work on creating the future.

Those who create the future keep going forward, those who just discuss the future get left behind.

Have a great day!


Stop apologizing

How many times do you hear things such as “I’m sorry but we don’t have availability till next week” or “I’m sorry but the cost is going to be $XXX because it takes Y hours to do that”.

Stop apologizing for being in demand. Stop apologizing for pricing your services properly. Stop apologizing for being good at what you do.

As long as you are providing good service or a good product you should not feel like you have to apologize for charging the proper amount or for not being available all of the time.

Have a great day!



People want to get things done. They want to show progress. They want to show results.

The problem arises when people confuse motion (unnecessary paperwork, meetings for the sake of meetings etc) with action.

Benjamin Franklin once said “never confuse motion with action” and it’s so true. Don’t do for the sake of appearing to be doing, do for the sake of accomplishing something.

Have a great day!



You build a wonderful new store, you have great products at great price. You open the doors and…wait.

You know that social media is big so you post to your facebook page, tweet about the opening and…wait.

You think people will drive by and see your sign so you are patient and…wait.

This seems to be the model many businesses use and it results in a lot of waiting and not much business.

The alternative is to get out there, introduce yourself to the community, offer some introductory deals, let people know you exist and where you are located and instead of waiting you make sales.

Build it and they will come might have worked at some point (but I’m not sure about that) but it certainly doesn’t work now.

Be willing to go out and knock on some doors, introduce yourself and get your message out there. It’s not as glamourous as using social media but to get a quick jumpstart with your business, it works.

Have a great day!


On an island

When you feel you are all alone and on an island remember there is always someone you can turn to.

Even when things seem the loneliest there is always someone you can talk to.

Even when you feel like you are on an island alone, realize there is someone on the next island over.

Have a great day!



It’s easy to assume that when you see something as a fact that it’s the only fact possible.

You might know that it’s morning and the other person might know it’s night. Just because you can prove it’s morning where you are located doesn’t mean it can’t also be nighttime where they are located.

It might be winter time here but that doesn’t mean it’s not summer time somewhere else.

Just remember there can be more then one right answer.

Have a great day!



Whether I’m writing a report or reviewing code I know the best way to get things done is to avoid interruptions whenever possible.

In many cases, you don’t have to answer the phone, just because it rings. Or, you don’t have to respond to the email right when it arrives. Or, you don’t have to text back, just because someone texts you.

Sometimes it’s best to work early in the morning or late at night in order to avoid interruptions.

The key to this is if you find a way to avoid interruptions, you can actually work less and get more done then the person who is constantly being interrupted.

Have a great day!


Permian Basin

I was reading an interesting article about the Permian Basin and the risk vs reward due to the high cost of the land.

The oil and gas companies that have been in that area for long are finding it very profitable. Those that are just getting in it now are finding the high cost of entry as a barrier due to the risk involved.

Those companies who know their core business and have remained focused throughout, are thriving in that region. Those that are are constantly looking for the next big thing frequently find the opportunities as too little and too late.

Know your core business and let others tilt at windmills.

Have a great day!



Why change things?

Why take a chance?

Why try something new?


The other way to look at things is…why not?

Why not take a chance, why not change things, why not try something new?

Have a great day!


One person

It’s easy to think of companies like Walmart or GM to be multinational conglomerates. The reality is those type of companies are made up by a large number of individuals.

When we avoid a certain company, we are affecting the livelihoods of the individuals who work there. The salesperson working on commission doesn’t get paid, the support staff who helps with the sale loses their job, the cleaning crew gets laid off.

It’s easy to look at large corporations as the “evil empire” but it’s important to understand they are really just a large group of individuals.

Have a great day!