Winning the argument

When you are determined to always win the argument you are also destined to rarely learn anything from the discussion.

Only you can decide which is more important but for me, learning is the key to everything.

Have a great day!



Aristotle wrote “Happiness depends upon ourselves”.

Too often we wait for others to help make us happy or we blame others for our lack of happiness but what Aristotle thought over 2300 years ago still applies today.

Have a great, and happy, day


When priorities aren’t

Things need to be done RIGHT NOW!

We needed that report YESTERDAY!

Everything is taking TOO LONG!

The question is, are these deadlines real?

Do we sometimes put artificial deadlines on projects and then forget they are artificial?

Do we sometimes rush a project for the sake of rushing and not realize that doing it right is more important then doing it quickly?

Sometimes priorities really are priorities…other times not so much.

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Sadly most organizations do a bad job planning. When the first thing goes bad they have no plan B.

Even the organizations that do plan for a mishap don’t plan for success. Do they need to scale up? Do they need financial planners? Do they need legal assistance?

Planning as if the status quo will maintain the same forever is a recipe for complete failure. Be ready for setbacks but also be prepared for success. If you don’t, long term failure will most likely result.

Have a great day!


To grow a big company

In most cases to grow into a big business the key is to start small.

Many people want to start big and it just doesn’t work that way.

Start small, prove the concept and gradually grow big (if you want to).

Have a great day!


Looking in the other direction

Most of the time you have a problem, look for a solution and solve the problem.

Occasionally you will see a great solution and then have to find the problem it solves. The key is, even if you find the solution you need to find expertise in the industry where the problem exists because to think you can be an expert in an industry you are not familiar with. Too often people think they can develop expertise in a field they know nothing about and that results in huge disappointments.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


One time

People are willing to give a new company, brand or service a chance one time. If it’s not a good experience there will most likely not be a second chance.

Organizations spend a lot of time and money getting people for the first time. They should focus more on getting past the one time to the second and subsequent times.

Have a great day!



Some people think adding more details will result in greater clarity.

While it can, to some extent, there also can be a point where more details can result in more confusion.

With more detail you can get bogged down in the weeds and lose the focus necessary to make proper decisions.

Too little details can leave huge holes. Too many details can add mass confusion.

Get the details correct.

Have a great day!


Better Place

There are various quotes out there by different people which all get back to the same thing “leave the world a better place then when you arrived”.

While we can think of that statement as a “big picture concept” and think of ways to change the world, we should also think of this as a daily opportunity.

What can you do TODAY to make the world a little bit better?

When you are walking down the street and you pick up a piece of stray garbage, you are making a difference.

When you offer a compliment to someone, you are making a difference.

When you help someone carry their bags, you are making a difference.

Even if it’s a small thing, make the world a better place today…and then do it again tomorrow!

Have a great day!



Having a benchmark to compare your work to is extremely important.

If you don’t have a benchmark to compare to, how will you know if you are making progress, or getting worse or not going anywhere?

If you don’t have a benchmark, find a way to create one.

Have a great day!