Know what you don’t know

Knowledge is wonderful. The more we know the better we will be. Just as important is understanding what you don’t know and either learning more about those topics OR acknowledging what you don’t know and skipping those topics.

Whether a person is extremely intelligent or not so intelligent, pretending to be knowledgeable about topics you don’t know anything about is foolish.

Know what you know and know what you don’t know.

Have a great day!



Trying to sell without a product or service is a recipe for disaster.

Having a product with no sales plan is a recipe for disaster.

Timing the two so when your product is ready to sell the sales plan is ready to be initiated is a recipe for success.

In this case, timing is everything.

Have a great day!


The right place

Some people are determined to take a stand. They feel that backing down is a sign of weakness so they are willing to take a stand and hold their ground.

Taking a stand is ok IF your stance is in the right place. If you are taking a stance just for the sake of doing so and aren’t in the right place, you are wasting your time and resources and everyone else as well.

If you are taking a stand because you are right, that is completely different but realize, the other group might think they are in the right place as well.

Be willing to stand your grand if, and only if, you know you are right otherwise you might be defending the wrong location.

Have a great day!



Wouldn’t it be nice to know, in advance, when something was going to break down?

Just looking around the kitchen, I know that the stove, the refrigerator and the garbage disposal will all have to be replaced at some point but wouldn’t it be nice to know when?

It’s easy to look up the “lifetime expectancy” of things but how accurate are they really?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have sensors on all equipment (and I mean inexpensive sensors) that would help us know when something will have to be replaced? Manufacturers would benefit because people would want to buy replacements BEFORE something breaks down so it might increase sales. End users would benefit because they could place items just before they completely break down, instead of waiting till they break and being completely inconvenienced.

With all of the talk of the “internet of things” I believe this time is coming but sadly, I don’t think we are there yet…but wont it be cool when we are!

Have a great day!


The Basics

In order to understand trigonometry, algebra, algorithm’s etc you first need to understand the basics of math.

The same is true in business. If you don’t understand the basics of business, the more complex issues wont matter.

Master the basics and the rest becomes easy. If you start with the complex issues, you wont get anywhere

Have a great day!


Gave it all with nothing to lose

The other day I saw some comments about a Springsteen concert back in 1978 and one comment stood out. The comment was “Gave it all with nothing to lose. That’s called greatness”. I had to reread that a couple of times to really understand what this person meant (maybe I’m slow) but it really is a great compliment.

It’s easy to give your all when you have everything to lose. You don’t want to lose it all so you give everything you have. Giving your all when you can afford not to says volumes about a person or group.

Do you give it all when you have nothing to lose? If not, shouldn’t you?

Have a great day!


Working with weaknesses

We all have weaknesses. Some more then others but we all have them.

We can avoid our weaknesses, we can try to work around others weaknesses but at some point we have to deal with weaknesses (ours and others) and the best way to deal with them is to figure out what causes the weakness, work around the cause and then make the outcome as positive as possible.

An example would be someone who has a fear of public speaking. If you can figure out what causes the fear, you can work to overcome that and then the public speaking goes much better.

Working with weaknesses is just as important as working with strengths and those who ignore them will struggle.

Have a great day!


We all have the ability to say no

There are many opportunities to try to make deals, work with others, make purchases and do great things.

Some people are great negotiators, some aren’t.

Some people know great deals, some don’t.

While we all can’t put together opportunities, we all have the ability to say no.

If you are looking to buy a house and have a concern it’s not a good deal, say no.

If you are looking to buy a company and have suspicions something might be wrong, say no.

If you see a cool product but don’t think you want it, say no.

We can’t all control if something happens but we can all control making sure things don’t happen.

Have a great day!



Today is so important because if you don’t take advantage of all of your opportunities, you will never get today back.

Tomorrow might be better, it might be worse but today only happens …today. Take advantage of it.

Have a great day!


The next one

Do you focus more on the last one or the next one?

It seems the people who focus on the last one (their last game, their last win, their last success etc) fail to progress while those who focus on the next one (the next day, the next game, the next event) are concentrating on how to get better, how to prepare etc.

Enjoy the last one but focus on the next one to keep getting better.

Have a great day!